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Saturday, November 14, 2009

America & Censorship

I am French
Totally French
From head to toe
And I live in America
I love this country, but above all I love Paris, my hometown. 
Being French means that I love good food, good wine, and that I am not prudish. 
I have 3 pages/profiles on MySpace where I post artwork.
I never post pornography, but it seems that MySpace (and some well known Image Hosting sites)
think that posting gory pictures featuring sadomasochism/self mutilation scenes
depicting women with hands bound behind their back, open wounds dripping with blood, 
lips sewn shut, tongue pierced with hypodermic syringe, etc… are not offensive, 
but that the view of an innocent nipple, even if it is a painting or a sculpture, is obscene. 
That’s the American Censorship: blood yes, nudity no!
Sorry, but between hemoglobin and a woman’s breast I made my choice. 
But you know. . . I’m French
Nobody’s perfect! 

Here are some examples of pictures banned by MySpace 
(and some other well known Image Hosting sites...)

Martin Emond
banned by Photobucket

Arthur de Pins
banned by Photobucket

Laurie Cooper
banned by ImageShack
(as soon as I uploaded this picture they deleted my account)

Tyson McAdoo
banned by MySpace

But the following photos are not censored...

You can find these photos at this blog
which I strongly recommend that you read


And this is my Photobucket account

Isn't it ridiculous?!



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